The Treatment were formed in 2008, when founder member drummer Dhani Mansworth was still at school in Cambridge. Although only 15 at the time he already had a clear vision of the kind of band he wanted to form. Having grown up on a diet of ACDC, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith he began to put the band together under the watchful eye of his father guitarist and manager Laurie Mansworth (More, Airrace, Roadstar).

The fresh-faced guitarist, Ben Brookland kindly took timeout to answer our questions.


Q: Describe The Treatment’s sound?
BB: We take our motivation from a complete cross section of bands and try and mould them into a high energy rock sound, a mix of old and new.

Q: How did you all meet?
BB: We all met through Dhani who formed the band. They are all cool guys and we all share similar music taste

Q: What’s your current favourite song you like to perform live?
BB: Shake The Mountain has a great groove, and usually the audience is singing it back by the second chorus - I like that

Q: What on stage antics will the audience experience from you guys at this year’s Sonisphere Festival?
BB: They will experience a high energy, no-nonsense rock show

Q: Tell me about your fans, what are they like?
BB: Our fans are great and very dedicated. We have a real one-to-one relationship with them.

Q: Do you have any bizarre fan moments?
BB: Yeah, one guy got our old band's name tattooed on his leg... a week later we changed it to The Treatment.

Q: Is there a musician who inspired you to become a musician?
BB: Keef Richards made me want to pick up the guitar

Q: What inspires your music?
BB: Woman, beer, cars and sex. Our favourite combinations.

Q: How do you write your songs?
BB: It's like any band, ideas seem to come out of thin air. Someone will have a spark of an idea and then it becomes a song

Q: What do you think about the state of metal music at the moment?
BB: I think it's a healthy time for music across the board

Q: What have you learnt most about being a musician?
BB: Expect anything at anytime

Q: When you were starting out what kind of job did you have to do to make ends meet?
BB: I worked as a van driver for a while - yes that was me in that white van, (sorry!!)/p> Q: What's your hometown like that you grew up in?
BB: I grew up in Tadley, just outside Ready. It's a very quiet place

Q: Where do you like to “hang out”?
BB: We all hang out together mainly in Sheesha Bar

Q: How old are you and the rest of the band members?
BB: I am the oldest at 20, the other guys are 17 and 18

Q: What music did your parents listen to when you were growing up?
BB: to be honest I picked up my own music taste, although my dad did play me The Stones at an early age

Q: Did play any musical instruments growing up?
BB: No the guitar was my first instrument

Q: Who were your music teachers and did they have any influence on your style?
BB: I am self taught, I developed my playing from listening to music.

Q: What was the first metal album you ever bought?
BB: Appetite For Destruction was the first album I ever bought, not sure if you could call that metal though

Q: Who’s got the worst habit in the band?
BB: Smoking

Q: What’s on The Treatment’s rider for Sonisphere Festival?
BB: Hopefully Jagermeister

Q: What’s your favourite drink
BB: Jagermeister

Q: What is the most rock and roll thing you’d like to buy or do?
BB: I'd like to be in a room full of incredible looking women

Q: After Sonisphere Festival what’s next for The Treatment?
BB: Hopefully lots more gigs... then world domination (lol)