It has been well over 1,000 years that people have been coming to pray at St Peter’s church in St Albans. Nonetheless, sadly it is overlooked due to mass recognition of the St Albans Abbey.

The church was built in 948 AD by Ulsinus, the sixth Abbot of St Albans. However, there are no records of the church until 200 years later.

Due to the extensive restorations over the years nothing remains of the original Saxon church. The first of the changes took place during Norman times and the church was rebuilt, altered and enlarged.

In the 13th Century other alterations were made, most of which stayed the same until the 19th Century, although some of it was rebuilt in the 15th Century.

In 1756, the tower arches were replaced with more elevated ones, but these changes weakened the structure and 30 years later the tower became extremely dangerous.

By 1799 it had become so hazardous that they had to dismantle parts of the tower until it was level with the arches and in 1801, to make matters worse, the floor fell in.

As a result, in 1893 Lord Grimthorpe decided to restore St Peter’s with his own money, he practically re-built the church, except for the tower, which he only remodelled.

Additional minor alterations were made in 1998 and 2001, and in 2004 the church was fitted with ramps to encompass the new law for disabled access in all public places.

The roof of the church is said to be the highest point in the whole of the town and the views are spectacular.

If you happen to be in St Albans on the morning of Ascention day, you will hear the church choir singing from it.

St Peter’s has even held a famous wedding earlier this year, as it was the location of EastEnders characters Ricky and Bianca’s second wedding.

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