If mosh pits are anything to go by, rock music is a suitable soundtrack for grappling. So when an American wrestling programme wants to use your music for their opening credits you’re about ready to jerk the curtain, hit the high spot and go for the money mark.

Especially if – out of anywhere in the world – they have managed to find you here in Hertfordshire.

Earlier this year Dear Life, a single by alternative rock group Chasing Cadence, was picked up by TNA Wrestling, an international TV series based in the US.

“That was very cool” guitarist, Rob Barlow, 25, tells me. “That led us on a little tour with them for three dates in the UK; at the Manchester Arena, Birmingham Arena and Wembley Arena. We played a little song before the show, it was all very cool.”

Rob and singer, Jack Harris, founded the band four years ago after meeting on the internet – less dubiously than it might sound.

“Imagine a dating website for musicians, match.com for guys looking for bandmates. That’s how me and Jack originally met, we’re the original members, joinmyband.com linked us all together.

“We write everything, it’s all our own. We put a couple of covers in as crowd pleasers from bands we’re influenced by. I write everything in my lounge. It chops and changes, I sit down usually with acoustic and vocals and start a song and then take it onto a software that lets you build around it, then we all play with it.”

They are joined by Tom Weeks on guitar, Dan Seager on bass and Alfie Powell on drums to make Chasing Cadence with band members based in Watford, Hitchin and Welwyn.

Their new EP, Destroy Something Beautiful, was released last Friday and rocketed to number eight in the iTunes rock chart within 24 hours.

I had to ask, as they foray into the realm of rock ‘n’ roll, what antics they have managed to get up to.

“I don’t know how appropriate that question is” Rob laughs, before giving a slightly unexpected answer.

“When we played with Taking Back Sunday, in our heads that was crazy because we grew up wanting to be rock stars and that was a band we watched. But after the show they sat down and had a cup of tea with us.

“It is probably the least rock and roll thing I could have told you, you would expect tequila and god knows what else, but they wanted a cup of tea and just a chinwag.”

Rob then assures me they have had their fair share of parties in hotels, but that they have never gone so far as wrecking a room.

Another highlight of their career so far, after having tea with Taking Back Sunday, is playing Download festival.

Rob tells me: “We all had a pact we would get our logo tattooed if we played a major festival, I’ve only got one little one on my wrist. Tom has only been with us six months, we need to rile him up a bit to get it done as well.”

Tattoos are often the mark of a rock band, so I wondered who has the most?

“Jack has the most,” Rob tells me, “he is the one in the middle of the photo, the best looking one.

“He’s got a full sleeve on one arm, got them on his chest and little ones on his leg. He gets his done by a man in Rickmansworth who is in LA a lot, Emil at Renaissance Tattoo. His are probably the nicest, the designs are beautiful.

“He is currently getting a sleeve on his right arm with various musical characters or symbols. So he’s got Edward Scissorhands, the blade from Sweeney Todd and various other musical influences in a pictorial representation. He also has his wife’s lips on his wrist, she kissed a napkin with some lipstick on and he got that tattooed.”

So what is next for Chasing Cadence, any tattoo-worthy gigs? They will launch their new EP at a gig in Camden on Thursday, September 29 and then at the end of next month they will play at the Unsigned Music Awards, which will be broadcast across Showcase TV and student union channel SubTV.

After that the band may release an acoustic collection of their music.

“We’re into the lighter stuff as well” Rob tells me. “Or an album, I have been writing an album for about a year, I’ve got about 30 songs to go through but we need some support first really.”

The Black Heart, 2-3 Greenland Place, Camden, NW1 0AP, Thursday, September 29. Details: 020 7428 9730, ourblackheart.com

Unsigned Music Awards, Troxy, 490 Commercial Road, E1 0HX, Thursday, October 27. Details: theunsignedmusicawards.com