A St Albans father has spoken of his pride after his daughter reached the finals in a prestigious BBC competition to find the Young Chorister of the Year.

Although Emma Huggett, 14, did not win the competition after she was selected as one of the female finalists in the competition, her father, Chris, said "she sang very well".

Emma, who is a former chorister in the Abbey Girls Choir at St Albans Cathedral and who now sings in the Abbey Singers, reached the finals and performed a four minute hymn and anthem in front of a panel of four judges and an audience, which was recently broadcast.

The St Albans High School pupil performed first in the competition, where she competed against choristers from churches and cathedrals around the country, which saw one girl and one boy selected as BBC Chorister of the Year.

Mr Huggett said: "Emma's singing was strong and although she did not win, it was a wonderful experience for her.

"She was very cheerful during her performance and although the three girls that didn’t win looked slightly disappointed when they found out, a few minutes later they were laughing together.

"Emma knew it could go any way and appreciates the opportunity to have this experience.

"Me and her mother, Rosemary, are very proud of her.

"She has a very big voice for a small girl."