A jeweller from Wheathampstead will help create a hand-made wedding as part of a Channel 4 TV show this week.

Rachel Jeffery, who runs a jewellery shop in Mill Walk, will feature on Kirstie Vintage Home showing a couple how to make their own wedding rings.

The episode sees Kirstie Allsopp show Craig and Amy how to have a more personal vintage wedding, by making different elements themselves.

Ms Jeffery, 40, said: "Rings are the one thing from the wedding that people have forever.

"They are making something together that they will always wear. It is really special."

After seeing an advert on Facebook she contacted the producers to tell them about the idea of making your own wedding rings.

She said: "There are lots of crafts people around the country so it made us feel really special to know they had chosen us.

"It was absolutely amazing."

Filming for the programme took place in May in a shop in London’s Portobello Road that was turned into a craft workshop.

The crew spent 15 hours filming the shoot, which included several close-up shots of different parts of the process.

Ms Jeffery said: "I wasn’t nervous because I wasn’t going to play a part, I was doing something I do day in and day out.

"Everyone that was involved and the whole crew were so much fun. There was lots of laughter. It was good fun.

"Kirstie was really professional. She can just talk about the subject without any preparation. "Normally students are terrified but she got straight into it."

Ms Jeffery, who has run her shop Rachel Jeffery for eight years, has been making jewellery since she was 16 years old. The show will air at 8pm on Thursday on Channel 4.

Ms Jeffery said: "I’m really nervous.

"I’m way more nervous that I was doing any of the filming.

"Hopefully it will come across as fun and not too difficult."