A grandmother from St Albans is to star in a documentary which will feature her journey from the ordinary to the life of a prize winning body builder.

Carmen Knight, 39, will begin filming for a Sky documentary which will air on the The Active Channel later next year to show her life as a body builder.

Carmen began bodybuilding after going to the gym for the first time at the age of 30.

She said: "I started training at the gym around eight years ago and someone who was already involved in competitions suggested bodybuilding to me and I went from there.

"My first competition was a nightmare because I was so nervous. The first step was getting over my stage fright and then I suppose I became quite good."

Carmen, who lives in New Greens, trains up to four times a week and more vigorously when she has a competition coming up. In 2005 she won the title of British Body Fitness Champion, which Carmen says was her "biggest feat" where she was "very proud" of herself.

Carmen is also a personal trainer and the documentary will show her training ordinary people who wish to lose weight.

As well as being a personal trainer and body builder, Carmen is also a mother of two and has two young granddaughters.

She said: "I am a single mother and being a body builder, personal trainer, mum and granny is difficult to juggle - but I do enjoy it.

"Body building for me is very personal. I enjoy the discipline and like to set myself personal challenges.

"For me it is a mental challenge, as well as being a physical challenge. When I have a competition coming up, I like to train because I have a goal and a purpose.

"However I am a granny and am approaching 40 next year, so I guess I will begin to compete less."