A hairdresser from St Albans is offering free styling sessions to women who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

Simon Cox, director of Clipso in The Maltings, provides haircuts and advice for women who are losing their hair due to the treatment.

Mr Cox, who has been a hairdresser for 32 years, meets with patients throughout their treatment and into remission.

He said: "I do it for anyone and everyone.

"We all know a colleague, a friend or a client who has been through this.

"It is a big thing for ladies to lose their hair; some people want it done in stages while others want it all off at once. For many women the hardest thing is not having the cancer it is the losing your hair.

"I try to make them feel as feminine and beautiful as they did before.

"If you feel good you can deal with everything a lot better."

Maria Rocker, who lives in Carpenders Park, is one of the women who have received free help from Mr Cox.

The 46-year-old was diagnosed with stage three lobular breast cancer on New Year’s Eve last year and needed a full mastectomy. She began chemotherapy in February.

The marketing manager says losing her hair was one of the hardest parts of the process and she was disappointed when her previous salon, where she had previously spent roughly £1,500 per year, continued to charge full price for appointments.

However a recommendation from a friend led her to Mr Cox.

She said: "I was very upset that I was being charged a lot of money by my previous hairdresser for almost no hair cut, I was only in the chair for a few minutes.

"I did a fashion show for a cancer partnership and a friend of mine said you have got to go and see Simon at Clipso.

"He will see anyone going through chemotherapy and will do anything with your hair free until you have a full head of hair again.

"It is such a great thing that he does this free and it was certainly useful to me at that time.

"It is very rare in business that people do such a good turn.

"By the time I discovered him, I was a long way through my chemo, I have only been to him three times but I have also recommended him to a few friends."