Harpenden played host to the wedding of McFly band member and Strictly Come Dancing winner Harry Judd today (Friday).

The pop star married Izzy Johnston, who grew up in Harpenden, in the St Nicolas church on Church Green today (December 21).

Their special day was joined, however, by several McFly fans crowding outside of the church, snapping pictures and trying to talk to the star.

One fan posted on Twitter: "Harry from McFly is getting married in the church next to my work and there are girls with banners and who are crying."

People took to Twitter to condemn their behaviour, with one saying: "I can’t believe 'fans' are waiting outside the church at Hizzys [Harry and Izzy’s] wedding. That is rude and selfish, give them some privacy."

Another said, in response to reports of fans shouting abuse at the bride: "Hate to break it to you but you never would have stood a chance with Harry anyway, so hating on his wife to be is seriously low. Be happy."

The bride was a violinist in the music group Escala and her parents direct a music school, Musicale, in Hertfordshire.

McFly are a four piece boy band who have had several number one hits, including It’s All About You and Five Colours In Her Hair.