Someone may get their Christmas memories back, as lost video camera footage from more than a decade ago has been found in a St Albans camera shop.

Ian Rance found about 20 minutes of family Christmas footage on some second-hand film he bought at Clark’s Camera Centre in Holywell Hill.

He said: "I was very surprised to find it, no one had played it for years and years. It almost felt like I was spying, but I’m glad I found it or it would have ended up in the bin."

The footage from 1991 shows two dark-haired children opening presents under the tree on Christmas morning whilst a baby is being fed, and an elderly couple playing with the children.

Mr Rance said: "I remember being like that when I was a lad, excited by the presents.

"That’s what it’s all about - the joy of the day. Perhaps it will brighten someone’s Christmas to see it again."

Mr Rance hopes to return the footage to the original owners.

He said: "I would be more than happy to return it and send them a DVD copy to play."

If the footage could be yours, email