Five months after the Diamond Jubilee celebrations took over St Albans politicians discussed the idea of throwing a new annual street party in the city.

The street party would be in place of the city’s carnival, which was last held in 2004.

In July 2011, councillors set up a working group to look into bringing the carnival back after residents told them they would like to see the celebration return.

Meanwhile The Review reported two massive fires which broke out in the district on the same weekend.

Firefighters tackled a blaze at a recycling centre in Appspond Lane which burned for several weeks and on the same weekend a second fire in Glinwell Nurseries caused a huge cloud of black smoke that could be seen for miles around.

It was later revealed the recycling centre had been banned by the Environment Agency from accepting anymore wood on the site due to health and safety concerns a month before the blaze.

We also reported how a St Albans man had been registered as dead by his mobile phone provider three times, preventing him from getting loans to run organisations to help disabled people.

Fred Banagen, 52, who is himself disabled, had several loan applications rejected as Virgin Media stated that he had passed away on his credit report.

Following reports, Mr Banagen later received compensation.

The decision to close brand new swimming pool facilities at the newly opened multi-million pound Westminster Lodge Leisure centre was branded an “absolute joke”.

The pool facilities at the leisure centre in Holywell Hill were forced to close after concerns over ‘slippery’ pool tiles following the turnout of thousands at the official launch weekend of the new leisure centre.