When staff at a recycling centre in St Albans noticed a customer buying an usually large quanity of wooden doors, little did they know that they were set for a new Hollywood film.

St Albans Wood Recycling has provided some of the new material for scenery and sets for Simon Pegg’s latest movie The World’s End.

Geoff Deans, who runs the centre, said: "I suddenly noticed the doors were being bought in quick succession. I didn’t think there’d be so much demand for so many doors.

"Then a couple of days later a bloke turned up and started buying lots of scaffold boards and floorboards, doors and windows made from tree trunks.

"He came twice and spent rather a lot of money."

When the man returned Mr Deans discovered that he was from Blank Pictures, who work with producers at Elstree Studios.

The movie, which will be released in August 2013, sees five childhood friends reunite and attempt an epic pub crawl.