St Albans MP, Anne Main, has shown her support against plans to expand Luton Airport by writing a letter to the Secretary of State.

Amid Harpenden MP, Peter Lilley’s call to launch an independent inquiry into the airport expansion, MP Main has written a letter to Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State asking him to call in plans.

MP Main has previously met with campaigners against plans to expand the airport so that 18 million passengers can pass through every year.

Luton Airport operators submitted their application to Luton Borough Council in January with a six week period for response from residents and councillors.

She said: "I have previously written to the Secretary of State asking him to call in the Luton plans so that they can be independently assessed. I hope that with thousands of people calling for an independent inquiry the Secretary of State will use his discretion to call in the plans.

"When an expansion like this is going to affect thousands of people I think it is only right that we ensure there is as full and independent a decision making process as possible".

Luton Airport has compiled a report which shows the effects the expansion will have on surrounding areas.

Harpenden Town councillor, Simon Leadbeater said after looking at the report thoroughly he noticed the data showed there would be a 70 per cent increase in C02 emissions.

He said:"They are being ingenuous because without putting the two tables together that are on separate pages in the report, as a reader you wouldn’t realise the major rise.

"Just from the airport alone, we will see a 70 percent rise in C02 emissions. As a Harpenden resident I am worried about the effects on Harpenden and its countryside.

"They are being dishonest and I find this offensive. If the expansion is to go ahead, there will be a noise wall.

"Harpenden Town Council is also urging residents to submit comments on the application which closes on Monday, February 18.

Councillor Nicola Linacre, Harpenden town Mayor, said: "The airport expansion is going to have a significant impact upon Harpenden. "We therefore want to ensure that residents are aware of what is being planned and where possible comment accordingly."

To view the planning application and submit your comments, visit: