Residents in Harpenden are invited to discuss plans to revive a memorial hospital that has served the community for more than 70 years.

Harpenden’s Memorial Hospital, which is popularly known as The Red House, has seen a gradual deterioration and loss of services.

There was a loud outcry from residents in 2006 when the hospital’s residential wing closed, and since then The Harpenden Society’s health and social welfare working group has been actively involved in deciding the future of The Red House.

The town has had a local hospital facility since 1920, with The Red House fulfilling that role since 1941.

Eric Midwinter, member of the society and working group said the memorial is held in "great affection".

Mr Midwinter said: "This is a valuable asset in the town which is a communal facility.

"It is held in great affection and is a valuable attachment."

The forum has discussed how The Red House may be developed into a modern style wellness centre or a residential home.

Residents are invited to The Red House revival plan meeting this Thursday (February 21) in Park Hall, Leyton Road at 8pm.