Hertfordshire’s police and crime commissioner David Lloyd is due to seek re-election as a county councillor despite criticism for retaining jobs alongside his £75,000 pa police role.

The news comes after the Conservative announced he will be stepping down from his role as a borough councillor in Dacorum.

Mr Lloyd was widely condemned by residents and opposition politicians after the Review revealed he intended to continue the roles at Hertfordshire County Council and Dacorum County Council after being elected into the newly-created police role in November.

He has admitted that public outrage helped sway his decision to stand down.

Mr Lloyd has not yet resigned as a councillor but said he intends to do so "in due course" so a by-election can be held at the same time as the county council elections on May 2.

Mr Lloyd said: "I have listened to what people have said to me and do not make a knee-jerk reaction.

"There was some discontent that I was staying on but what I didn’t want to do is stand down early and trigger a by-election which would have cost the taxpayer more money.

"I intend to stand again as a county councillor and I hope people will decide I give them good value.

"On being a borough councillor, it’s a far smaller area and far more difficult to justify doing that as well. Stepping down frees up extra time.

"In terms of hours per week I think most people who know me will know I work hard at whatever I do.

"But it’s not just about what you can do, it’s about what people think you can do."

Mr Lloyd recently lost his deputy commissioner Rachel Frosh who stepped down after controversy surrounding her decision to re-tweet a picture and quote from Adolf Hitler on her Twitter account.

It was revealed last week that chief executive Andrew White also intends to stand down at the end of the month.