Harpenden’s Britain’s Got Talent star has described her audition on the hit TV show as "an out of body experience".

Alice Fredenham impressed judges with her performance of My Funny Valentine on the ITV show, which was aired on Saturday night.

The 28-year-old, who worked at Breathing Space Spa in Thompsons Close, Harpenden, filmed the audition in February and has had to wait to watch the clip back.

She said: "After the audition I didn’t tell people for a week. I wanted to let it sink in.

"I just had to put it behind me and try and forget about it. Leading up to the show I was feeling quite anxious about it.

"I had forgotten what the reaction was like. It was so surreal at the time.

"When I saw it on Saturday it was like seeing it for the first time for me.

After the show she went out for drinks in Harpenden to celebrate.

She said: "I went into the loo and someone recognised me.

"The last couple of days have just been mad.

"I could never have foreseen people having the reactions they did."

Ms Fredenham, a former St Albans Girls School pupil, admits that she suffers with bad stage fright, which has lead to her keeping her singing ability a secret in the past.

She said: "[Waiting for the audition] was like going on a rollercoaster ride when you don’t want to.

"When I got into the song it was like an out of body experience.

"When I stopped I was suddenly aware of where I was and what I had done. It just hit me.

"I saw the judges stand up and the first few rows.

"It was just a lovely feeling."

Ms Fredenham now has to wait until the end of all the audition shows to see whether she has made it through to the next round of the competition.

She said: "It has gone a long way to making me feel more confident.

"Obviously it is not going to be easy because I suffer from nerves."