Hertfordshire’s ruling Conservative administration emerged from yesterday’s elections bloodied but still in control of the county council.

The party lost control of nine divisions across the county with cabinet member, Stuart Pile, proving their most high-profile causality as he was ousted from his Hatfield South seat by the Liberal Democrats.

The ruling party’s losses came as its vote share slumped by 8.2 per cent across the county compared to 2009.

However the Conservatives retained 46 of the council’s 77 seats meaning they still have an unassailable majority at county hall.

Labour had the most successful night with 12 gains across Hertfordshire, taking its number of seats from three to 15.

The party took seats in Watford, Three Rivers, Hertsmere, St Albans, Hitchin, Stevenage, Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City. Labour’s victories came on the back of 7.4 per cent boost in its vote share.

The Liberal Democrats saw their presence on the authority reduced by just one - from 17 to 16 councillors - despite a 10.1 per cent drop in their vote across the county.

The UK Independence Party, which was contesting the county elections for the first time, failed to make a breakthrough but came close with its candidates coming second in a host of seats across Hertfordshire.

The British National Party and Greens were both eradicated from county hall as they lost their solitary seats in South Oxhey and Watford to Labour.

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