St Albans hopeful Luisa Zissman was scolded for a “disgraceful display of bad manners” in this week’s episode of The Apprentice after making show history.

For the first time in the series viewers watched as project manager Jason Leech stood down half way through the show leaving Luisa to take over the reins as the task leader.

Grilled in the boardroom, Alan Sugar’s aid, Nick Hewer said: “Luisa nipped in her heels to a bewildered terrier and you drove him in to a corner. “It was the most disgraceful display of bad manners I have seen in many along day.”

Lord Sugar’s remaining nine candidates were set the task of creating an online dating concept, whereby they had to create an advertising campaign, TV advert and website.

Flirting with the role of project manager, Jason Leech managed to convince his team he would take the project manager role.

When discussing what age group to attract, team Evolve steered towards a mature audience.

However Luisa was vocally unimpressed. She said: “I’m going to throw a spanner in the works. The only reason I would steer away from a mature audience is because we are young professionals. We are our target market.

“I’d be concerned that we wouldn’t get it. None of us sitting around this table here can relate to a mature over 50. It is such a big risk.”

However her concerns were ignored and she was forced to work on ways of how to seduce silver haired singles.

After candidates Francesca Macduff-Varley and Neil Clough carried out market research the team decided on Friendship and Flowers.

Becoming frustrated at Jason’s hesitation and change of colour schemes, Luisa said: “Why are you hesitating? We have to make a decision and go, if we spend all day like this. We’re gonna get absolutely nothing done.

“I am actually embarrassed. You took three hours to decide.”

The pair then visited a website agency and because of their previous hold up, they were forced to design three pages in 90 minutes.

Talking directly to the camera, Luisa spied on the project manager role early on.

She said: “Jason has no idea. He is so out of his depth, we’ve only got a little bit of time here and were not going to have time to finish the website.

“I feel like I am PM on this task, but I’m not PM. I’m gonna be straight and ask him, do you want me to take over.”

Back at the house, the pair admitted they had not completed the website because of “time wasting” and this is where Luisa pitched to be project manager.

Jason admittedly stepped down and said: “Luisa has that commanding voice” to which she is then appointed the leading role.

The next day Luisa slipped in to her new role comfortably deciding on a bus stop advertising campaign while Neil and Francesca filmed a television advert.

Later the team met with industry experts and advert executives to show off their campaign.

Luisa decided to pitch her team’s online dating service, to which it was met with fits of laughter.

Later on feedback criticised them for playing “it far too safe” and a “patronising” campaign.

When they were called back in to the boardroom Lord Sugar was intrigued to know why Luisa sat as project manager.

Lord sugar said: “I’ll tell you what- this is the first time we’ve had an abdication- in all the years that I have been in this boardroom. It sounds like a mess.”

He then decided to bring back Evolve to the boardroom because of a boring and patronising campaign, while the winning team were sent to Mayfair to sample caviar.

Back in the boardroom Lord Sugar tried to establish whether Jason was brow beaten in to stepping down as project manager.

When asked who should be fired, Luisa said: “I think I am a stronger candidate than Jason and for that reason he should be fired. On this task I felt like I was on a sinking ship.

“In life you have to make decisions. If you don’t make decisions, you’ll never get anywhere.”

However in response Luisa was scolded. Lord Sugar said: “If he was the project manager and had he been left to his own devices he may of got things done.

“You intimidated him. These were your opinions.” However Luisa rejected this, which prompted Lord Sugar to tell her to shut up.

Rounding up Lord Sugar said to Luisa: “Luisa I am very very concerned that were gonna have more probems with you. I feel that you brow beat this fello here down and you wore him down.

“It’s no good. I can see how you wore him down. You’re not going to wear me down, I promise you. “ before firing Jason.

He then warned her: “I don’t want to see you here again.”

Next week’s show will see candidates create a brand new ready meal.