A Harpenden charity visited a school to thank students for their fundraising efforts in Africa.

Richard Okotel, a pastor and community worker from Uganda, visited Roundwood Park School, Harpenden, on Wednesday to thank Year 12 students for the £1,850 they donated.

Harpenden Spotlight on Africa was formed five years ago and has succeeded in building two primary schools, has provided clean water for thousands by digging ten boreholes each year, and has provided villages with local community health workers.

The students took part in the Dragons' Apprentice fundraising challenge organised by the Centre for Voluntary Service in St Albans.

Pupils were provided with £100 seed capital and asked to turn this into the largest amount possible for HSoA, advised by their "Dragon", Gary Tamkin from Deloitte.

Mr Okoteland Hillary Hollick, the Harpenden-based community liaison officer, explained to students how life in Uganda was different from their own, with some meals comprising only water and schools without textbooks.

The charity is now hoping to build a secondary school in Uganda and is building links with Harpenden secondary schools.

Roundwood has the International Schools Award and will seek to develop the partnership further as part of the global dimension of its work, with students planning to visit Uganda to see their impact of their fundraising first-hand.