A Redbourn father has said goodbye to a dolls house made by his father as a retirement project to raise funds for Parkinsons UK.

Richard Windle, 60, and his daughter Edith Windle, 21, raffled the dolls’ house at the recent Highland Gathering in Harpenden.

Mr Windle’s 93-year-old father Eric Windle began making the dolls’ house when he retired from work as a salaries supervisor in Borehamwood almost 30 years ago.

Since then, he has added to it, making some furniture and interior fittings, and buying other items at dolls’ house fairs.

Mr Windle said: "My dad put his heart and soul into the dolls’ house over the years, but he is too frail now to do much with it, and my parents can’t really look after it any more.

"The money raised will go to fund our activities in West Herts, such as the regular branch meetings, support for those newly diagnosed with Parkinsons, and special dance and singing classes or conductive education sessions.’ Edith said she was sorry to see her grandfather’s dolls’ house go.

She said: "I used to play with it whenever I visited my grandparents’ house in Harpenden.

"But I am a bit too old to play with it now, and I am pleased it is going to a good cause."