The RSPCA is appealing to find a new home for 17 Syrian hamsters which were found dumped in two mouldy cages in Wheathampstead.

On Monday, July 22 a man turned up at the The RSPCA’s Southridge Animal Centre in Potters Bar with two cages that he said had been dumped outside his garage in Wheathampstead.

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

The cages, one a proper hamster cage, the other a general pet carrier, were full of excrement and urine and very mouldy.

Inside was a female with 12 babies, and four other adult females.

Syrian hamsters need to be kept singly so the centre has had to find five different cages which also have to be placed apart from each other so they cannot smell another hamster which would cause them stress.

RSPCA centre manager Anna White said: "Hamsters are small, charming animals with a great deal of character but their needs are very complex and they can be injured easily if you are not careful when handling them.

For more information contact 0300 123 0704.