Blood, sweat and tears are what Richard Telford-Nicholson and his team are set to expect when they take part in a karate fight along a six mile route to raise money for a charity against domestic violence.

Mr Telford-Nicholson, 24, who runs karate sessions at the Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre organised the challenge because "he doesn’t like to do things by half measures."

Now along with three other members, his brother Graeme Telford-Nicholson, 25, Matt Brassington, 24 and Nikki Avedian, 22 they will fight and spar from Hatfield along the Alban Way to the leisure centre in Hollywell Hill.

Training three times a week, they hope to raise £500 for Refuge, a support charity for women who are victims of domestic abuse and their families.

Mr Telford- Nicholson, who has been teaching karate for three years, said: "We wanted to do something for charity and something a bit different, which will be truly challenging, gruelling, dangerous and really difficult.

"Refuge is a charity we are keen to raise money for and raise awareness of. All of us have experienced friends and close loved ones who have been victims and suffered in violent relationships.

"It is going to be gruelling but we wanted to give some justice for people who have suffered from domestic violence.

"It is kind of ironic that we are taking part in a fighting challenge which will probably see us throw at least 2,000 punches."

They will set out on Saturday, August 31 and the route is approximately 6.3 miles. In just over three hours, the team hope they would have completed their challenge.

The karate instructor added: "I think we are all terrified and greatly anticipating the challenge, but we are really looking forward to it.

"We will definitely complete it. Even with one hand, I will carry on punching until the end.

"It will be a phenomenal achievement and we are raising awareness of a charity which offers safety to vulnerable people. "

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