After the reports of sex parties and lesbian lovers surfaced, Celebrity Big Brother was pretty much a done deal for St Albans reality star Luisa Zissman.

Sure enough, the entrepreneur and Apprentice runner up entered the famous house on January 3 to a heady combination of boos and cheers, unaware that the upcoming series would be hailed the raciest yet.

In her first week as a housemate, Luisa, who owns Dixie’s Cupcakery in Market Place, showed her feminist side, her argumentative side and her saucy side. She began her Big Brother experience handcuffed to former-boxer Evander Holyfield and was forced to endure some uncomfortable conversations during their time together.

When Evander expressed the view that being gay "ain’t normal", Luisa - credit where credit is due - attempted to quash the conversation and told him that it was "not appropriate". The boxer was later reprimanded by the programme’s producers.

Continuing her string of sticky situations, Luisa found herself in a shouting match with N-Dubz star Dappy during Saturday night’s programme. She defended a woman’s right to sleep with as many men as she pleases, after Dappy chastised her for her admission that she had once slept with five men in one night, and Evander Holyfield claimed "men and women will never be equal".

The 26-year-old rapper said: "If a man sleeps with five women in a night he's a pimp. But if a woman sleeps with five men she's a 'ho'. Who does that? What are you going to tell your daughter? I feel sorry for your daughter."

Not one to surrender an argument, Luisa responded saying: "Your mother should be ashamed of you for your attitudes to women and the way you talk to us."

Later that same evening she ended up in tears, having managed to offend another of her fellow housemates, Lionel Blair.

Luisa is not a stranger to controversy though, or offending people with her sometimes outlandish views. Back in August last year, Luisa was criticised following a raunchy interview with a national newspaper in which she revealed intimate details of her sex life and spoke about her experiences of "sex parties".

The mother-of-one was described as a "bad role model" for young women by former Apprentice contestant Claire Young, who appeared on the programme in 2008.

Since appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, Luisa has spoken out about being a "sex addict" and has received a fairly positive reaction from "the outside world", surviving the first eviction and sparking an outcry of praise on Twitter, for standing up to Dappy’s unpopular views on women.

No doubt Luisa will continue to shock and entertain us in the coming week. Let’s just hope the producers don’t dress them in S&M style latex costumes again, because that can never be unseen.