Broadcaster and author, David Robertson, will guest speak at an event in Harpenden next month.

Best known for his book ‘The Dawkins Letters’, Mr Robertson will be speaking and chairing what is expected to be a lively debate at the Slug and Lettuce in the High Street on Sunday, February 9.

Gareth Lewis, Senior Minister at Christchurch Harpenden, at whose invitation David is visiting, said: “We are thrilled to be welcoming such a leading speaker as David Robertson to Harpenden and are looking forward to learning a great deal about his counter to atheism, as well as welcoming a rich debate.

“Richard Dawkins’ views have been widely read and so it is great to have the opportunity to hear from one of the most prominent reviewers of his work and to be able to question him directly.”

Mr Robertson will be speaking at the supper event, entitled ‘The Trouble with Aetheism’ at 7pm and a buffet supper will be served. For more information contact Gareth Lewis on 07780 993 398.