A Harpenden mother was arrested after police lost patience with her for making more than ten 999 calls in three days.

Jane London repeatedly alleged she had been attacked by a family member in the calls. However, when officers arrived they found no evidence of assault.

During a hearing at St Albans Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, the bench was told in the build up to the three days of repeated calls, the 50-year-old had called police 79 times since May last year.

London pleaded guilty to persistently calling 999 to cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety.

In a summary of the case, prosecutor Jan Brookes told the bench that on January 27 London called the police twice claiming she had been attacked and threatened with a knife by a family member. However, when officers attended her home address they found no evidence. On the same day, the court heard London, of Welbeck Rise, had contacted the ambulance services claiming she had been attacked.

Ms Brookes said: "Mrs London was using the 999 telephone system to make false reports of crimes. She was making up information to get a response."

Ms Brookes told the court: "She told the operator that ‘if you don’t come I am going to kill myself.’ It seemed she was suffering with alcohol abuse because she was unclear and slurring."

When officers arrived at her home address, London said she had been assaulted on her hands and showed them marks on her arms, where she claimed she had been hit.

However officers said there was no evidence of abuse and found two empty bottles of gin at the address. She was later arrested.

During her court appearance London was represented by defence solicitor, Anne Woodcock.

Chairman of the bench, Mrs Cummings said: "If you fail to appear on April 8 you could be committing another offence. It is very important you appear for court, as you did today.

"Committing another offence could mean you are arrested and sent to prison. I should also warn you that your sentence could be greater, so it is important that you keep out of trouble."

London was released on unconditional bail and appointed a probation officer. She will be sentenced at St Albans Magistrates Court on April 8.