Now in the final stages, the long awaited St Albans Odyssey is offering cinema enthusiasts the chance to create a life-long legacy - by having a luxurious seat named after them.

The 450-seat art deco cinema in London Road has just a few months left of fundraising before it opens its doors later this summer.

As part of the restoration of the former Odeon Cinema that has stood derelict for almost 20 years, movie-goers now have the opportunity to have their own name embroidered onto one of the luxurious red seats.

Winners of this personally named chair will be chosen when the city's mayor draws a raffle for Grove House, part of Rennie Grove Hospice Care.

The St Albans Mayor, Annie Brewster, said: "I cannot wait to step back into the glorious golden age of film in St Albans. While we are all so excited about the imminent arrival of the Odyssey a final push is required to get it open this summer. The generous gift of a personally named chair for my mayor's raffle is a brilliant way to support Rennie Grove Hospice Care.

"It will help raise funds for this vital charity and allow everyone to potentially own a bit of our new cinema. I also hope it might encourage other groups and individuals to get involved and back the Odyssey restoration project themselves with individual donations."

The raffle will be drawn on April 2 and all winners are invited to tea in the Mayor's Parlour to collect their prizes. All proceeds will support the services that Rennie Grove Hospice Care provides in St Albans both at Grove House and in the community.

Tickets, costing £1, can be bought from various locations including:
§ Grove House, Waverley Road, St Albans
§ Grove House shop, Victoria Street, St Albans
§ Grove House shop,Hatfield Road, St Albans
§ Grove House shop, Piggottshill Lane, Southdown
§ The Peahen, London Road, St Albans
§ The Dressing Room, High Street, St Albans.