Motorists and shoppers can expect to pay more for parking in St Albans city centre, following the announcement of changes today.

The new charges, which vary between different car parks managed on behalf of St Albans District Council and run by NCP, will come into effect from April 1.

As part of the new council scheme, all- day parking will be increased to £10 in car parks including the Civic Centre, Drovers Way, Russell Avenue, Bowers Way East, Bowers Way West, London Road, Amenbury Lane and Adelaide Street.

This is an increase from £8.50 and £9 in some of the car parks. However charges to stay for up to three hours have been frozen or reduced.

Residents with an all day permit Type B will also see a 2 per cent increase in charges. They will now pay £38.76, which is 76p more than before.

Prices to park all-day in Bricket Road North, Keyfield Terrace, Gombard and Townsend Avenue car parks have been reduced by £1, making it £5 to park.

Councillor Beric Read, portfolio holder for community engagement and localism the council, said: "There is a tariff now to suit every customer. In the week, shoppers and workers can park in the city centre at rates that are the same or cheaper, depending on where they park. This strategy not only helps residents but also supports the local economy."

Shoppers will still be able to use the council-run Westminster Lodge car park free of charge for up to two hours.

Sunday parking will also remain £1 at the council’s NCP car parks and at the council-run Civic Centre car park, accessed from Bricket Road.

As part of the council' new scheme, brighter LED lighting will be installed at Drovers Way and Russell Avenue to improve safety, as well as A Pay By Phone service, which will be introduced at all NCP car parks.

This comes after the Pay By Phone service was introduced in August last year in relation to off-road and on-street parking.

Councillor Read added: "I am very happy to see the introduction of a better charging strategy, giving the majority of parkers a reduction or hold on parking costs and allowing a better management of parking volumes.

"This is a great step to making it easier to park in St Albans, and improvements in technology will be following."