ITV News anchor Mary Nightingale paid a visit to a St Albans’ residential home on Tuesday to share stories about her career in front of the camera.

The presenter, who reported from Westminster Abbey during the recent Royal Wedding, spoke about what goes on behind the scenes to the Current Affairs club at Fonthill House in Cassius House, King Harry Lane.

Residents, aged between 72 and 102-years old, were treated to stories of Mary going on tour with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and how she handled the reporting of the Queen Mother’s funeral.

Iain Weatherby from Fonthill said: "It was a tremendous morning.

"Mary was very warm and friendly. All the residents gathered round her in the coffee shop, where they were able to fire questions at her. It was really sweet.

"Mary told them about news gathering nowadays and they didn’t realise she wrote her own scripts, quite how big a team is for news gathering and some of the ways news is gathered all over the world."

Mary, who also fronted ITV News’ BAFTA nominated coverage and played a key role in the channel’s 2010 Election Coverage, revealed what a typical day in the ITV newsroom was like, including dealing with breaking news and working out what story should make the top billing.

Mr Weatherby continued: "One resident asked her why news readers always hold a pen and Mary explained that they always have a printed script and if the auto cue fails, the pen is always there to make amendments.

"She’s a proper journalist."

The visit was part of the houses' Current Affairs club, where guest speakers visit residents to speak about news gathering. Other speakers have included the American-born British journalist Janet Daley and the Liberal Democrat county councillor for St Albans South, Sandy Walkington.

Mr Weatherby explained: "We try to give our residents something to look forward to and engage with.

"This results in them being much happier."

Nick Allhusen, director at the house which opened last year, added: "Residents who come to our regular Current Affairs club want to keep on top of the latest news and this was a fantastic opportunity for them to hear first-hand what goes into fronting some of the biggest stories of the last decade."