Internationally renowned artist Sunil Pawar has painted the portrait of a St Albans child, who is being cared for by Keech Hospice Care, to feature in the children’s hospice new charity shop.

In the hope of giving the Berkhamsted shop a modern feel, the children’s hospice approached Sunil after seeing his work and asked him to paint the portraits of children Evie Ryan, 2 from St Albans and Kaylem Barnett 4 from Baldock. 

Evie was 16-months-old and had just started to walk, talk and was turning into a bubbly toddler when she suddenly became very floppy. 

A few days later she was diagnosed with GA1 and Dystonia and since then Evie and her mother Kim Baron have been supported by Keech. 

Ms Baron said: "When Keech asked if I would be interested in having Evie’s portrait done I took a look at Sunil’s work.  I loved it immediately and can’t wait to see the work hanging in the shop."

Sunil, who is an exhibiting artist, said: "I am so glad to be painting the portraits of these two great children. The work Keech does is amazing, and to be involved in the project is a humbling experience indeed."

The shop will be officially opened on Friday, April 4 at 10.30am where people will have the opportunity to see the portrait of Evie.