After spending more than 80 days in a rehoming centre and feeling very unloved, eight-month old puppy Angel is desparate to find a new home.

Blue Cross Charity in Kimpton is appealing to dog lovers in Hertfordshire to give a home to one of its loneliest and longest stay dogs, Angel.

The eight month old crossbreed originally arrived at Blue Cross’s Victoria animal hospital after breaking both her back legs.

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

Can you give this dog a home?

She was treated by the charity’s veterinary team and after making a speedy recovery, went to the Blue Cross rehoming centre to find a new home. But poor Angel is still waiting and is feeling very unloved after spending more than 80 days in kennels.

Robyn Messingham, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Kimpton said: "It’s heart-breaking that Angel is still in kennels. She’s had such a tough start to life and really deserves to find loving owners.

"She’s a friendly dog who adores being with people and she always makes us smile. It’s so sad that she gets overlooked as she’s one of the loveliest dogs you could ever wish to meet."

Angel’s enjoys long countryside walks, cuddles, running around off lead, learning new tricks, and playing fetch with her tennis ball. She is also enjoying regular hydrotherapy sessions during her stay at Blue Cross.

Ms Messingham added they are now looking for active owners, who can continue Angel's training and give her lots to do.

She said: "We’re desperate to find Angel a home and would love to hear from anyone who thinks they can help."

To give Angel a new home contact Blue Cross Kimpton on 0300 777 1490 or visit