Plans to alleviate parking issues caused by coaches and congestion to and from St Albans schools will be addressed by the district council.

During a St Albans District Council committee meeting on April 3 councillors heard from the task and finish group, who have recently received feedback and evidence from more than 100 residents, residents’ associations, businesses and schools.

Feedback raised concerns about congestion caused by the transportation of pupils particularly in the Romeland, High Oaks and Upper Lattimore Road areas of the city, as well as plans for the behaviour of coach drivers to be monitored and for changes to be made to some parking restrictions near schools. 

It has also been proposed that the district council encourages regular contact between residents, councillors, schools and Hertfordshire County Council, investigates seeking permission from the Government to issue fixed penalty charge notices to drivers leaving their engines running while parked outside schools.

It has also been suggested that a safety audit should be carried out prior to consulting on proposals for coach-only parking bays in Romeland Hill during school drop-off and pick-up times.

Works to introduce double height kerbs at High Oaks to protect verges near Townsend School and nvestigates the extension of existing parking restrictions in Townsend Avenue were also discussed.

Councillor Chris White, chairman of the scrutiny committee at the council said: "Residents have complained repeatedly about congestion and parking issues caused by buses and coaches transporting pupils to and from particular schools in St Albans.

"The scrutiny committee is happy to support the recommendations and to back the need for continued discussions between schools, councillors and residents to help address these issues."