Harpenden MP Peter Lilley praised volunteers who run the new town library during a visit last week.

Mr Lilley met volunteers and participants from Youth Connexions and the Harpenden Seniors Forum, who provide advice and support for the young and senior members of the community.

He said: "Youth Connexions provides an invaluable support system for young people in Harpenden.

"Their projects are a great way for young people to build their confidence, learn useful life skills and become engaged members of society.

"It is very important that as a community we do everything we can to support young people so that they are fully prepared for further education, the job market and independent living and I applaud the work that Youth Connexions does with the young members of this constituency."

The conservative MP added he was delighted that the Harpenden Seniors Forum provide "an equally important support service" for older members of the community.

He continued: "They quite rightly note that many local residents have little idea of the vast range of services and activities available in the area. I welcome their proactive approach to setting this to rights.

"Their services will be particularly valuable in helping the elderly of our community to access health and welfare information and to avoid isolation. As people live longer, with most choosing to stay in their own homes as long as possible, communities must come together to ensure that the elderly are not neglected - Harpenden Seniors Forum is a perfect example of the Big Society in action."