A St Albans father, who has invented a revolutionary umbrella from an office in his back garden, will appear on TV this month.

Jenan Kazim of Woodstock Road North will star on ‘Make Me A Millionaire Inventor' after cameras followed him for five months.

The programme will feature Mr Kazim's conquest to solves the problem of brushing past wet umbrellas and leaving puddles on the floor.

The KAZbrella turns inside out leaving the dry side of the canopy on the outside, while enclosing the dripping water within.

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

Mr Kazim said: "This has been my passion to solve the age old problem ever since my mother-in-law walked into her house complaining about water dripping from her umbrella onto her floor.

"Because I am an engineer, it niggled me because nobody had come up with an idea to solve to this problem.

"I have always wanted to be an engineer and I am proud of this design because it is something that doesn’t yet exist. Hopefully it will exist from now on.

"There have been many attempts to design an umbrella to solve the problem of dripping water, however they have all failed."

Presenter, Jem Stansfield, paid the father-of-two a visit in Summer 2012 when they began following Mr Kazim as he developed his prototype on the design he began perfecting more than ten years ago.

St Albans & Harpenden Review:

Passionate about engineering from a young age, Mr Kazim has a degree in aeronautical engineering and a masters specialising in marine engineering.

The 58-year-old said: "It was a bit of surprise having Jem Stansfield knock on my door to tell me he was going to be following me around for the next few months.

"While filming there was quite a lot of pressure because I had to continue making progress on the prototype where possible."

Mr Kazim said he is now looking forward to watching the show, which features inventions that never came to fruition, on Sunday, April 27 at 7pm.

He said: "I have already seen glimpses of it because it has been aired in other parts of Europe, South Korea and the Middle East.

"Since then, we had emails from people interested in the KAZbrella, which is very nice. "