A St Albans police officer, who helped save a woman’s life, is among members of Hertfordshire Constabulary who have been honoured for their bravery and long service.

Police officers, members of the Special Constabulary and members of the public were presented with awards by Guest of Honour Jenny Coles, the Director of Children's Safeguarding and Specialist Services at Hertfordshire County Council during an awards ceremony on Thursday, April 10.

Sergeant Andy Thackham, 48, who is based in the city and lives in Markyate, was honoured for going to the assistance of a woman who had been seen sitting on the ledge of a bridge over the A41 in Watford in March last year.

A member of the public had been concerned for her welfare and stopped to assist, as he believed the woman may attempt to harm herself. Sergeant Thackham arrived and he and a colleague approached from one side and three other officers from the other.

They leant over the railings preventing her from falling and Sergeant Thackham then climbed over the railings. Holding on with one hand he then reached down and placed his free hand under her legs. This allowed all the officers to lift the woman safely over the railings onto the footpath.

This was part of the Royal Humane Society Awards, which grants awards for acts of bravery in the saving of human life.

Detective Sergeant Becky Crudington, 43, who lives and works in St Albans was also recognised for 20 years of service.

Chief Inspector Ken Townsend, 49, who is based in St Albans, received a Chief Constable’s Commendation for his part in an incident, which took place in April 2013 in Hoddesdon.

The incident was a life threatening domestic siege, which lasted approximately six hours, where a man falsely imprisoned members of his family and doused the property with petrol threatening to burn it down. At times he was also wielding a knife. Eventually the criminal was arrested and since then a man has been sentenced in relation to this case.