The winners of the city’s Film Festival have been announced following a successful and buzzing Bank Holiday weekend in St Albans.

Thousands of film fanatics visited the district to enjoy the second annual festival, which showcased more than 100 feature films and short films in various venues across the city, including Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre and the Cathedral.

The festival launched on the evening of Thursday, May 1, with a screening of the Hitchcock classic The Birds in The Abbey, with a very special guest appearance from the film-star Hedwig from the Harry Potter movies, who will be flying around the cathedral prior to the film screening.

The winners of all categories are as follows:

Main Short Film
First Place: Man In Fear Dir. Will Jewell
Second Place: Wood Woo Dir. Jonny Phillips
Third Place: The Baron Dir. Gareth Tunley

Student Film
First Place: Perseverence Beyond Doubt Dir. Jonathan Brough
Second Place: The Girl In The Red Coat Dir. Aaron Dunleavy
Third Place: Orpheus Dir. Jennifer Haugen

Music Video
First Place: SweetLove Butterfly Dir. Daniel Gentely
Second Place: The Man Who Was Forever Haunted By His Head Dir. Claudio Sichel
Third Place: Rybka Dir. Vicky Hart

Over 18's
First Place: Night Of the Loving Dead Dir. Anna Humphries
Second Place: Make Over Dir. Mike Tack
Third Place: Three's A Crowd Dir. Trevor Hardy

First Place: Angels and Ghosts Dir. Sara Kenney
Second Place: Zweibettzimmer Dir. Fabien Giessler
Third Place: Upstairs Dir. Matthias Hoegg

First Place: Grandpa & Me & A Helicopter To Heaven Dir. Johan Palmgren
Second Place: Invisible People Dir. Michelle Becker
Third Place: A Game Of Numbers Dir. Kris Hoffman

Best Actor
Luke Treadaway

Bechdel Award
Michelle Becker for Secret Garden.