The Green Party pledges to introduce a 20mph limit in all residential streets, introduce an energy reduction officer and develop a zero-waste strategy for St Albans if they take control in the upcoming local elections.

With only one district councillor, Simon Grover, currently represented on the council, The Green Party have told the St Albans & Harpenden Review what they will offer city voters before the results are announced overnight on Thursday, May 22.

Read the full manifesto here

The Green Party have promised to adopt a 20mph limit in all residential streets to create a "integrated transport system that flows smoothly, gives people choices and is pleasant to use".

Other pledges include funding an Energy Reduction Officer to manage and promote energy efficiency projects across the council, as well as raise the affordable housing quota to 50 per cent for all new developments.

The Greens also said they would introduce an event and advice centre and youth cubs around the district in order to "help young people be a part of a sustainable future." As well as this the St Albans Greens said they support the national party’s policy of phasing out primary school SATS and tuition fees.

Other policies in the Greens manifesto include free residential parking for older people and their families and to support housing and council tax benefits for the elderly and vulnerable people.
The party also plans to introduce a district-wide 'zero-waste' strategy by promoting recycling in schools, encouraging business recycling and promoting organisations that recycle and repair.