A five year plan to combat the "housing crisis" in St Albans will be introduced if Labour wins the local elections next week.

The Labour Party told the St Albans & Harpenden Review that they would launch their flagship policy to tackle the "housing crisis" - "2020 vision", within the first 100 days of taking office.

Read the full manifesto here: St Albans Draft Manifesto Draft 2.docx

However, the proposals outlined by the 2014 manifesto highlighted that there will be no quota on the number of social housing developments, but if a development is taking place on a Green Belt site, 40 per cent of the houses must be social housing.

The party, which holds the third highest number of seats in St Albans District Council, will also free up one per cent of the green belt in the district between now and 2020 to allow more houses to be built.

Payday companies throughout the area will also be removed and all parking charges at NHS facilities will be scrapped, under additional proposals.

Local businesses will be encouraged to improve their green performances under a new scheme that would be introduced by a Labour council and the party wants to improve access to all parks.

Other priorities highlighted in the manifesto include promoting and supporting local businesses and encouraging them, along with community groups, to run all community events across St Albans.

The party will also give residents more say in the important decisions and a Fairness Commission will be set up and this will bring together residents and stakeholders to identify key issues.