Excessive licenses will be reduced to curb anti-social behaviour in St Albans if the Conservatives win the local elections next week.

The Conservative Party manifesto for the 2014 election states that if they were to win the election next Thursday, they would continue to build affordable housing on 91 derelict garage sites and provide “temporary accommodation for homeless families.” 

Read the full manifesto here: Manifesto 14 -5.pdf

The Tory party, which currently holds 29 seats in St Albans and District Council and rules as a minority administration, also pledged that they will keep council tax low, with the party claiming credit for not raising council tax in six years as the ruling party.

Plans outlined in the Conservative manifesto also revealed that the Town Hall will be extended to include a museum and gallery.

The Tories are targeting a recycling rate of more than 60 per cent in St Albans while they are also looking for new allotments in St Albans City.

Planning applications on Green Belt land will also be challenged in the city with the Conservatives claiming that they have improved their “handling” of planning applications and their defence of the Green Belt when cases to go to appeal.