Thousands of people lined the streets to watch a re-enactment of the Second Battle of St Albans 1461 in St Peter’s Street on Sunday.

St Peter’s Street having been the burial site for a number of the protagonists following the Second Battle of St Albans, was an appropriate setting for a re-enactment of a medieval blessing of the troops.

Around 4,500 people watched the city’s Mayor, Annie Brewster ride at the head of a procession formed from the ranks of the Medieval Siege Society.

The parade wended its way from Bernards Heath, the site of the original conflict, along Sandridge Road to the War Memorial gardens and so to the west door of the Church.

The procession was met by the Revd Jos Perris, who gave the blessing, and Minnie, the Lady Michael Cecil who acknowledged the Mayor’s salute with the dramatic ritual of swords held aloft and crossed. Following the ceremony the parade passed through the lych gate and back to the Heath via Harpenden Road.

The event was part of the Sandridge 900 celebrations, designed to celebrate all that is on offer for residents and visitors in Bernard’s Heath, Marshalwick, Jersey Farm, Sandridge village and the surrounding countryside.

Christine Nutton, Sandridge 900 committee member, said: “The whole weekend was a fantastic success, enjoyed by both by the thousands of visitors and by the re-enactors of the Medieval Siege Society, who say they would love to return to St Albans regularly.

“The weather was perfect, which we hope is a good omen for all the events to come.

“I particularly enjoyed seeing medieval and local kids making friends. It was nice to see people getting to know their neighbours and reminiscing about their families.

“We would like to thank members of the FABRE sub-committee for organising the event.”

As part of the Sandridge 900 celebrations a family fun afternoon will take place between 2pm and 5pm at St Leonards Churchyard on Sunday, June 8 as well as a Cricket Festival week, which begins from then.

There will also be a Herts Jazz Orchestra concert on Monday, June 9 in Spencer sports hall.

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