Are you planning on voting today? Here’s our guide to the local elections in St Albans.

Today a third of the seats are up for grabs across the city, in what is currently a finely weighted political balance.

The council is currently run by the Conservative administration, which does not have a majority.

The Conservatives have 29 councillors, whereas opposition Liberal Democrats have 19, Labour has 8, and there is a Green and independent councillor. This means there is an equal number of Conservative and opposition councillors.

You can see what each party has promised here.

The UK Independence Party’s increased strength comes ahead of what will be a tight battle for control of the council.

The party will contest 16 wards out of 20 in the city in the May 22 ballot, official nomination papers have shown. In 2012, the last round of St Albans council elections, the party only stood in two wards.

The polling stations open today from 7am until 10pm. Results will be announced from 1.30am in the early hours of tomorrow morning.