A man thrown from his motorcycle in a near miss crash in St Albans is begging drivers to be more considerate before someone is killed.

Jon Finn, 34, was left with serious injuries after he was flipped over the handle bars of his Aprilia RSV4 125cc motorcycle outside Parkbury House Surgery in St Peters Street.

Mr Finn said as he overtook a queue of cars waiting to get onto the roundabout outside the Blacksmiths Arms, without warning an Audi A3 driver pulled out to perform a U-turn without checking their wing or rear view mirrors or signalling.

In a matter of seconds he was performing a "very dangerous" emergency stop to avoid crashing in to the car on Friday afternoon.

Mr Finn of Sandridge Road explained: "I had no choice but to brake significantly harder than was safe.

"This meant I lost control of the bike, which flipped forwards on the front wheel and landed on me-pinning me to the Tarmac.

"I was in agonising pain in both legs and particularly the pelvic area, which took the full weight of the bike upon impact with the Tarmac."

Mr Finn was rushed to Watford General Hospital, where he was treated for serious injuries to his legs and pelvis. He was prescribed with Tramadol to ease the pain and has been on crutches for the past two weeks.

The salesman said: "I have friends who drive up and down the country on their motorbikes.

"I don’t know what it is about St Albans town centre - the drivers here just seem to have a lot less awareness of what is going on around them.

"They drive without any consideration for anyone else. It is frightening."

Mr Finn says he has witnessed four instances similar to this in the past 12 months - but this was the only one that he was 'unable to avoid'."

He continued: "There is a lack of regard for other road users. Riding a bike is life threatening and the consequences can be very severe.

"Although I have been lucky, if I had any less time to react and crashed with the car I could quite easily have broken both of my legs or if I swerved to avoid the Audi I may well have been put in the path of another vehicle for a head on crash.

"I beg motorists in St Albans to check their wing mirrors and give indication before pulling out.

"If this reminds one person to check their mirrors and indicate before pulling out, it could potentially save a life."

Mr Finn says he is now "hobbling along" and has only been back on his bike once since the accident.