Two-year-old Alina Maisie has just planted the seeds of summer at Willows Activity Farm in London Colney.

Alina has been busy sowing maize seeds for the annual A-maize-ing Maze which will shoot up in time for the Summer Spectacular event at Willows, beginning on July 19.

With her wheelbarrow and trowel in hand, Alina has planted the seeds for a maze that will span acres of land.

Farmer Andrew said: "Our maze is a firm family favourite but this year we wanted to do something extra special."

But Alina Maisie may be on the back foot as the maze is set to grow to be six feet tall by the height of summer.

Alina’s mother, Katharina, said: "We’re so pleased to be involved in the planting of the maze at Willows, and seeing how tall Alina Maisie will grow compared to the maze.
"We’ve been invited back to visit so Alina Maisie can track the maze’s progress - I can’t wait to see her face when she sees the maize seeds she planted towering over her."