Park Street Camera Club awarded the ‘very best of the best’ members during an awards ceremony.

The very best of the clubs efforts throughout the year were comprised in to the highest scoring images from all the members.

The most experienced Paul Michell, who has recently been awarded his Fellowship to the Royal Society for a unique panel of prints taken with a pin-hole camera, presented the awards. 

Chris Gilbert for was award for a street photography piece entitled "All You Need Is Love". This is image illustrated how interesting subjects are all around and the skill is as much in the seeing of them as in the taking.

Connie Fitzgerald also won a prize for her piece, 'Morning Has Broken', a lonely study of decay on the pebble beach at Dungness.

The winner for the "Best Projected Image of the Year" trophy was Rosemary Wenzerul for her 'Stocker Lake Reflection'.

The image shows the reflection of a tree in the water, which created a slight surreal effect. It was a universally popular win as Mrs Wenzerul had been unable to attend the club for some weeks because her husband is ill.