An appeal lodged against a refusal to grant planning permission in Radlett has been dismissed, which residents said was "excellent news".

Zen Developments submitted a planning application in January to Hertsmere Borough Council to demolish two houses in Homefield Road and erect five new houses.

Opposed to the development, around 70 local homeowners who wanted to retain the unique character and ambience of Radlett set up the group Radlett Against Garden Grabbing (RAGG).

The application was refused at a planning meeting in January on the grounds of overdevelopment. 

The appeal lodged by Zen was dismissed this week due to concerns that the development would affect the area’s character and appearance, and impact living condition of future occupiers.

In a statement on Facebook RAGG said: "Needless to say, RAGG is delighted with the outcome. Radlett is a special place to live and this decision will help keep it that way."