After planting the seeds of her A-maize-ing Maze at Willows Activity Farm in St Albans, little Alina Maisie has been a-maize-d at how tall it has grown.

Two-year-old Alina Maisie helped Farmers Andrew and Anna plant the maze at Willows Activity Farm in preparation for Willows’ Summer Spectacular event, which kicks off from the July 19.

The maze has already grown to around four foot, so is well on track to beating last summer’s record-setting six foot.

Farmer Andrew said “With the mixture of sun and a little rain we have had, we knew that the crop would grow quickly, but it really is a-maize-ing to think it was only a month ago that Alina Maisie was tending the shoots of the maize maze.

"It’s already taller than she is, and it looks like soon enough it will be taller than me.”

Alina Maisie, said in awe:“It’s very tall.”

Children who enter the maize maze and successfully navigate its twists and turns will receive a free sticker, and if they find the six Willows’ friendly scarecrows on their way, they will be entered into a free prize draw to win £100 of Willows vouchers.