St Albans MP Anne Main has orchestrated a Houses of Parliament debate on "absurd" stamp duty land tax which she claims is preventing city residents from moving home.

The debate will take place in Westminster Hall on Thursday, September 4.

Ms Main gathered support from MPs Dominic Raab, John Redwood, and Steven Pound to make representations to the Backbench Business Committee that decides which matters should be debated in Parliament.

The MP said she was "extremely happy to secure a debate on a matter which disproportionately affects my constituents in an area with high average house prices."

She continued: "This matter has resonance not only in St Albans, but throughout the country as more and more people are being dragged into paying an absurd amount to the exchequer just to move home.

"We are now able to consider stamp duty in the House where MPs will be able to speak freely on the impact the tax is having on the housing market, and particularly how it affects Members’ constituents.

"From my point of view, St Albans has some of the highest house prices in the country, and residents are writing to me with their concerns about the expense of simply moving to a more appropriately-sized home.

"Stamp duty is acting as a barrier for people to move, and distorts the housing market, so it is fantastic news that MPs will be able to have their say on the tax.

"Hopefully we can bring this issue to the fore, and look at ways in which the tax may be levied in a fairer way and that doesn’t hinder people looking to get on the housing ladder."