Councillors at Hertsmere Borough Council have voted to bring in whole council elections. 

This means that all councillors are up for election every four years, instead of the current system of electing councillors by thirds in three years out of four.

A total of 30 councillors voted in favour of the change, while six councillors voted against. There were no abstentions.

The decision was reached at a special full council meeting last week.

Local residents were asked to vote on whether to move to whole council elections or stay with the current system of elections by thirds. During the three month public consultation, which was promoted on the council's website, Facebook and Twitter, 77 people had their say.

Just over 50 per cent wanted to change to whole council elections and 49.6 per cent wanted to stay with the current system of elections by thirds.

The first full council election will be held on May 7 2015. To find out more visit the democracy and elections section of our website -