A tobacconist shop opened by a World War One survivor will feature an assortment of artefacts from the war to commemorate the 100 year anniversary.

After surviving the trenches of World War One, a young Mr Thorn opened a tobacconist shop in Harpenden in 1918. The shop is still thriving today on High Street - and is now the oldest retail business in Harpenden.

To commemorate the fallen of the First World War, the current owner Mr Moxley will feature an assortment of artefacts in the shop window. 

These will include original trench art made by the soldiers and an old-fashioned bus made from matchsticks. Other items will be on display, such as pictures, coins, medals, cap badges, and a German Pickelhaube helmet - all original.

The window will be on display for a month starting on Monday.