St Albans Camera Club chairman Steven Else took these late-night images of Verulamium Lake.

He said: "They were taken about 11pm on my Canon 5Dmk3 with a 24-105mm lens.

"All were taken with an F4 aperture at 100 ISO and the exposure times were between 13 and 30 seconds.

"I hadn't a tripod with me so I balanced my camera on a waste paper bin. I tweaked the colours and sharpened the images in Photoshop."

St Albans Camera Club consists of enthusiasts at various skill levels and welcomes new members of all ages. It meets in the Community Centre, St Brelades Place, Jersey Farm, on Tuesday evenings.

St Albans in Pictures celebrates the city's best photographers. If you would like to contribute an image of St Albans and a few paragraphs on how you took it please email