Commemorative events have been held across south west Hertfordshire to mark the centenary of the outbreak of World War One.

A ceremony was held on Monday at Verulam Golf Club in London Road, attended by Mayor of St Albans Councillor Geoff Harrison.

More than 30 members joined the Captain of Verulam Golf Club John Wells at a prepared site adjacent to the 18th hole where two specimen trees were planted. 

The Mayor in his address referred to the sacrifice made by the residents of St Albans and to the 13 members of Verulam Golf Club and four staff that died in the conflict. The ceremony concluded with a moment of reflection. 

On Sunday, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Group coordinated an event to mark the centenary.

More than 60 people attended and laid flowers at the war memorial in St Albans, followed by a silent procession through the city centre to the Peace Pole at Sumpter Yard. 

Speakers discussed the conflicts of today emphasising the need to work for peace. The anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima fell on August 6 and the 135,000 war deaths at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were also remembered as part of the commemoration.

Additionally on Sunday there was a war memorial rededication service in Flamstead.

There was a simple ceremony by the church on High Street to pay honour not only to the people from Flamstead who gave their lives but of those from across the world.

Organiser John Fountain said more than 50 turned out for the event, which started with a welcome and introduction led by Canon John Green followed by prayers then the Act of Rededication. This was followed by the Last Post and Reveille and a blessing by Canon John Green.

The Royal British Legion laid  a commemorative wreath and a side drum and a tattered Union Jack from the First World War are expected to be on display for the ceremony.