Two life-long friends from St Albans who met during the Second World War celebrated their 90th birthdays together.

Bob Lowe and Peter Woodard met in 1941. It was earlier in that year that both Bob, the son of a local policeman, and Peter joined the then, newly formed 220 St Albans Squadron of the Air Training Corps.  

They were not to be members for long because as soon as they became old enough for military service both joined the Royal Air Force.      

After initial training Bob served as ground engine fitter at various RAF Stations in the East of England, while Peter trained as a flight wireless operator andair gunner flying Wellington and Halifax bombers. 

Peter’s twin brother, Harold, also trained as a wireless operator and air gunner, and the three friends served at different RAF stations during the war- where sadly Flight Sergeant Harold Woodard died when his Wellington Bomber crashed in Italy.  

Peter continued flying many sorties over enemy territory with 192 Squadron of Bomber Command, part of the 100 Group of Bomber Command.

At the end of the war both Bob and Peter returned to settle in St.Albans, both marrying young ladies called Irene, and both bringing up their families in St Albans.   

The pair joined the St Albans Branch of the Royal Air Force Association where Bob currently serves as its president whilst Peter is the honorary treasurer.

It was at the RAFA weekly meeting on Friday July 25 that members of the branch decided to celebrate the pair’s 90th birthdays - which are only days apart. 

Both organizations, 220 St Albans Squadron Air Training Corps and the St Albans branch of the Royal Air Force Association, continue to meet regularly in St Albans.